SF yoga for seniors

Fridays 3:15-4:15

LOCATION: Purusha YOGA Studio 3729 Balboa Street, SF 94121

Find your inner vitality and self confidence with a class designed to meet your needs and desires for optimal health.

This class will improve strength, flexibility, balance, and mobility.  Specific  practices to reduce hypertension, stress, anxiety and depression- creating peace of mind, vitality and a relaxed state.  
Common concerns are addressed such as arthritis, bone health, posture and circulation.  
The class is taught by an advanced Yoga Teacher/ Yoga Therapist with experience and expertise in accommodating for a wide variety of individual needs. 

Feel welcome and safe in a warm and friendly environment that is consistent and professional.  
Chair and wall support are provided as well as other yoga props.  

Appropriate for reasonably healthy adults with average mobility. 

FREE for all seniors

Call 415-668-9642