The Purusha Method utilizes a unique teaching method that is taught through the Purusha Yoga School and includes a balanced application of verbal cues, modeling, assisting individuals with guided and informed gentle touch, and allowing space and quiet to explore the more subtle fields of the yogic experience.  We call this method: Tell, Show, Do, Be.  This method allows each students individual learning style to be stimulated and encouraged.  

The Purusha Method is delivered in a unique class format that includes:  Dharma/ Yoga lifestyle Discussion, Intention Setting, Sensory and Focus Practices, Understanding the levels of the yoga mind, Physical Postures/ Exercise, Breathing Exercises, Guided Journeys (imagery), Meditation, and Yoga Rest.  

Each Purusha Method Class includes periods of sitting, standing, flowing, restoring, replenishing, and reconnecting with what is each individuals 'truth' in an authentic and organic way.