8 - 12 Week Programs

All programs may be held at the Purusha Yoga Studio 3729 Balboa Street, San Francisco, CA. 94121 or at your facility onsite. We are happy to provide a safe and effective class given a reasonable space. 

Each 8-12 week program is custom designed to meet the needs of your particular population. Our team of experienced Professionally certified Yoga Therapists are ready to serve your specific goals and desired outcomes. 

Our mission is to serve each individual with deep respect and care. All classes are led by at least two Therapists that have specialized training in meeting the needs of the under served and at risk. Particular sensitivity to the challenges and obstacles that are most typically encountered through yoga therapy are all considered. The needs of the population served are accommodated for with well researched and founded principals of therapeutic care and relationship.

Our scope of practice may include but is not limited to:

  • Yoga Postures to strengthen, lengthen, stretch, rehabilitate, and relax the physical body.
  • Mindfulness exercises to improve focus, promote calmness, and encourage positive thought.
  • Energy work that affects all major systems of the body in a holistic and healthy way.
  • Emotional intelligence which promotes resiliency, steadiness, and nonviolent communication.
  • Breathing exercises to enhance energy, decrease stress, improve cardio vascular and pulmonary functions.
  • Sound healing through mantra and other means of expression to allow for release and expression.
  • Sharing circle and/or community time whereby students may relate to each other and receive group support and validation.
  • Verbal cues, physical assists, modeling, and peaceful silence to promote and meet different learning styles and personality. (permission is asked before any touch is initiated)
  • Guided Meditation Techniques
  • Healthy lifestyle options and life skills are provided in the form of a workbook or handouts.
  • Somatic expressive art and movement which promotes the integration of all layers of the human experience and overall holistic health.

The Pursuha Seva Project serves all people at all stages of life. (see non discrimination statement here)

Each class includes:

  • Physical exercises (Asana) 
  • Breathing exercises (Pranayama)
  • Emotional and sensory exercises (Pratyahara)
  • Mindfulness exercises (Dharana)
  • Quiet meditation (Dhyana).


Each class is typically 60-75 minutes.


Decrease Stress Hormones: Increase in cardioa pulmonary function, improved coordination, greater ROM/Flexibility, reduced heart rate, improved compliance with healthy lifestyle, Increased insulin sensitivity. improved coping skills

Improved Resiliency to Stress: Improved strength, improved balance, reduced headaches, reduced body fat, promotes feelings of well-being, lower glucogenesis from the liver, greater sense of self

Quality Of Life Improved: Improved Circulation, improved posture, reduced pain, improved self care, lowers blood glucose levels, improved communication skills, improved confidence



The Mission of the Purusha Yoga Therapy For Vets Program is to deliver the larger mission stated above of the Purusha Seva Project and also more specifically to provide to Veterans of all ages, stages, and reasonable health an opportunity to practice yoga at a community studio with other Veterans in a closed class that is structured to meet their needs and treat the specific symptoms of PTSD, chronic pain, Traumatic Brain Injury, Mood Disorders and other common diseases of the modern world such as diabetes, obesity and heart disease. Each Vet that graduates from the 8 week program is eligible to become a regular member of the Yoga Studio at a discounted price.

The Purusha Yoga Therapy For Vets program at the Purusha Yoga Studio provides a real solution to the lack of access, programs and services for Vets. Each 8 week program meets 2X per week in a studio that has a rich and recognized tradition of building healthy community and resources to those that may not other wise have access to these services due to geography, economic conditions, cultural or ethnic background and/or sociopolitical circumstances. It is well documented that Veterans encounter one or more of these obstacles.

The Purusha Yoga Therapy For Vets program is offered exclusively through a referral by the San Francisco Veterans Affairs Health Care System. The Purusha Yoga Therapy for Vets program is an integral part of their holistic and integrative medical treatment plan.

Each class includes:

  • Physical exercises (Asana) 
  • Breathing exercises (Pranayama)
  • Emotional and sensory exercises (Pratyahara)
  • Mindfulness exercises (Dharana)
  • Quiet meditation (Dhyana)