The Purusha Method relies on 3 Purusha Organizations and includes the gifts of each team.  

  1. Non Profit collaboration and development support= The Purusha Seva Project (seva)
  2. School that provides the highest level of graduated and experienced therapeutic yoga teachers and yoga therapists= The Purusha Yoga School (shala)
  3. Studio that provides safe, clean, sacred and well stocked class rooms and community space.= The Purusha Studio (sangha)

The Purusha Method delivers a high quality unique experience by including all 8 limbs of classic yoga that is customized to meet the shared path of the Veteran group and the specific needs and desires of each individual student.  

It is taught by instructors who have gone through over 700 hours of training and are highly qualified and experienced to work with under served and at risk students who have one or more of the following obstacles:  PTSD, Chronic Pain, TBI, Addiction, Heart Disease, Common Muscular Skeletal Concerns, Diabetes, Osteo Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Pulmonary Disease, Anxiety, Depression.  

It utilizes a unique teaching method that is taught through the Purusha Yoga School and includes a balanced application of verbal cues, modeling, assisting individuals with guided and informed gentle touch, and allowing space and quiet to explore the more subtle fields of the yogic experience.  We call this method: Tell, Show, Do, Be.  This method allows each students individual learning style to be stimulated and encouraged.  

It is delivered in a unique class format that includes:  Dharma/ Yoga lifestyle Discussion, Intention Setting, Sensory and Focus Practices, Understanding the levels of the yoga mind, Physical Postures/ Exercise, Breathing Exercises, Guided Journeys (imagery), Meditation, and Yoga Rest.  

Each Purusha Method Class includes periods of sitting, standing, flowing, restoring, replenishing, and reconnecting with what is each individuals 'truth' in an authentic and organic way.  

The Purusha Method is delivered with a very high teacher to student ratio and each teacher is someone who has developed a practice that is beyond their own ego.  This teacher is unique in their ability to stay connected to source while also having a great capacity for group facilitation, group therapeutic yoga, and the individual needs of each student.

The Purusha Method was created over a long time and in a continuously transformational response to the ever changing needs of groups that have been taught and guided over many years and in many different locations with a wide variety of students and situations including corporations, schools, colleges, prisons, hospitals, group homes, health care facilities and community studios.  Ultimately we realize that the needs of each individual are steeped in the shared and common need of all human beings for respect, love, validation, laughter, empathy, and care.  

It follows the American College of Sports Medicine for safe exercise standards, the Yoga Alliance for safe yoga practices, the International Association of Yoga Therapists for scope of practice and health education for informed knowledge of disease, common treatments and typical symptoms.  The Purusha Method does not diagnose or medically treat specific disease.  It is not a medical modality.